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We serve today’s High-Net-Worth Individuals the way that the most powerful men in the Greco-Roman were served. We understand the history of serving the masters from styles to protocols. Our ultra bespoke luxury concierge services are tailored to the diverse demands and preferences of our Masters—Asia’s high-net-worth individuals, heirs and heiresses, c-level executives, serial entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalists, private equity investors, investment bankers, government officials, ambassadors, heads of state, and royalty.

Luxury Goods

Luxury Apparel, Luxury Bags, Luxury Shoes, Luxury Accessories, Luxury Jewelry, Luxury Watches, Luxury Beauty

Luxury Cars

Futuristic Cars (Concept Cars for sale only to HNWIs), Modern Cars, Classic Cars, Antique Cars, Vintage Cars

Luxury Hospitality

Island Resort, Villa, Hotel, Palace, Castle

Charter Flight & Travel

Private Jet, Helicopter, Yacht, Boat, Chauffeured Car

Fine Wines & Spirits

Gourmet Food & Fine Dining

Fine Art

Painting & Drawing, Mosaics, Printmaking, Calligraphy, Photography

Luxury Homeware

Interior Design, Furniture, Architecture, Pottery, Sculpture

Luxury Events

Business Meetings & Conferences, Stakeholder Meetings, Wedding, Birthday, Funeral

Luxury Holidays

Annual Skiing, Helicopter Flightseeing

Luxury Entertainment

Opera, Musical, Orchestra, Choir, Band, Ballet, Acrobat, Singer, Dancer, DJ (Disc Jockey)

Executive Protection

Executive Detail Officer, Detail Manager, Tactical Commander, Motorcade Lead, Advance Lead, Mobile Agent, Static Agent, Protective Intelligence Agent

Security Technology

Access Control, Biometrics, Computer Security, Locks (Security Device), Perimeter Security, Security Software, Vehicle Security Systems, CCTV & Aerial/Spaceborne Surveillance Systems


With Luxe Societas, everyone at the hotel is aware of the daily schedule of tours and excursions of Asia’s high-net-worth individuals, and they never have to state their room number, explain who they are, or even sign a single bill at lunch, dinner, or the spa.


Luxe Societas manages ultra bespoke driving experiences of Asia’s high-net-worth individuals in dicey areas with security detail and medical team in tow. They are served by Luxe Societas private lifestyle & wealth managers across the globe.

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Exclusive Network

ASIA’S SUPER-EXCLUSIVE ULTRA-PREMIUM FORUM. Attended by high-profile luxury industry leaders, high-net-worth individuals, ultra-high-net-worth individuals, and world’s most powerful leaders with guest list kept secret and heavily protected.

Luxe Societas arranges meetings with guests from the upper echelons of society and government.

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HNW Individuals

Your Wish Is Our Command

Ultra Bespoke Experiences

Wedding at the Vatican

With Luxe Societas, you can have your wedding venue at the Vatican with cardinals in attendance and/or with the Pope himself officiating the rites.

Luxury Concierge in Asia



It’s lonely at the top—yes because the higher you fly, the deeper knowledge and wisdom you acquire just like the rest of high-net-worth individuals or the 1% or the 1% of the 1%, and more often than not it’s getting hard to find someone who has better if not the same knowledge and wisdom you have—just remember that nothing down there ever beats the stunning beauty of what your eyes can see at the top, things and experiences only provided by Luxe Societas that are unimaginable to the rest of the 99%.

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Luxe Societas

Asia's Ultra Premium Luxury Concierge

Luxe Societas is a bastion of sartorial elegance and finesse serving only Asia’s high-net-worth individuals, heirs and heiresses, c-level executives, serial entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalists, private equity investors, investment bankers, government officials, ambassadors, heads of state, and members of royal families. We serve with utmost exclusivity, privacy, and security.

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If you’re an HNWI or UHNWI, an heir or an heiress, a c-level executive, a serial entrepreneur, an angel investor, a venture capitalist, a private equity investor, an investment banker, a government official, an ambassador, a head of state, or a member of a royal family in Asia, you may be welcomed to be a member of this Ultra Premium Luxury Concierge. Simply reach us by email, and a group of Private Lifestyle and Wealth Managers will be assigned to you to serve you 24/7.


Our annual membership for a single HNWI and his/her family members ranges from $60,000 USD to $150,000 USD.

We also work with select HNW corporations, and joining this ultra-exclusive luxury concierge costs an annual membership that ranges from $360,000 to $1,200,000 USD.


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